The Feminine Within: Revisiting Bisexuality

COWAP Conference 2019

6-7 December 2019
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Auditorium – Lisbon

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The foundation of psychoanalysis rests on the concepts of unconscious and sexuality where the idea of drive / instinct precedes identification or object choice. Nowadays, social and cultural phenomena raise the issue of a range of subjective experiences of human sexuality that supersede a binary logic. We live in times that question psychoanalysts in our models of psychosexual development and in our clinical practice. It challenges us to address these issues and participate in the construction of ethical and plural citizenship. With this in mind, we propose to bring up for reflection and debate the (old) concept of psychic bisexuality proposed by Freud, now revisited in the light of contemporary psychoanalysis and sustained by the challenges that (new) identity, relational and familiar constellations bring to the fore.

Therefore, from a wider lens, we hope to amplify and have a deeper perspective on: gender identity and its establishment throughout development; the integration of femininity and masculinity in both man and woman; homosexualities, heterosexualities and their clinical, political and educational approaches; maternal and paternal functions and their co-relation; drive, desire and sexual orientation; homo, hetero and monoparentalities; gender in the analytic pair and its implications in transference and countertransference. These subtopics will be discussed transversely in the conference, in a format that contemplates Plenary Sessions with invited specialists and Parallel Sessions aimed at different clinical and non-clinical audiences: psychoanalysts, candidates, university students, general and mental health professionals, educational and social service professionals.

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