The Feminine Within: Revisiting Bisexuality – Speakers

COWAP Conference 2019

6-7 December 2019
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Auditorium – Lisbon

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Andreia Cruz Gonçalves

Andreia Cruz Gonçalves is a Clinical and Health Psychologist specialized in Psychotherapy by the Portuguese Psychologists Order (OPP) who works in private practice in Lisbon.
She has worked in an institutional and private context and was the Director of a Psychology and Psychotherapy Clinic, where she implemented a social project for psychological and psychotherapeutic intervention with children and adolescents.
She is a Candidate of the Portuguese Psychoanalytical Society (SPP) and an Associate Member of the Portuguese Society of Clinical Psychology.

Ana Teresa Vale

Ana Teresa Vale is a psychologist and an associate member of the SPP. She lives and works in Lisbon. From the beginning of her psychoanalytic training, she has been interested in Cowap’s work and has participated and presented in several Cowap activities. The themes of pregnancy, motherhood and infertility are some of her main subjects of study.

Ângela Vila-Real

Ângela Vila-Real is an Associate Member of the SPP. She has a PHD from the University of Oporto and is an Assistant Professor at the University Institute of Psychological Social and life Sciences.
She is the President of IA – Identities and Affects, an association for clinical and gender studies.

Carla Sampaio

Carla Sampaio

Carla Sampaio is a Clinical Psychologist and a candidate of the Portuguese Nucleus of Psychoanalysis. She works in private practice in Lisbon, in the treatment of additive behaviour in the Nucleus of Drug Addiction Treatment of Alverca and in mental health promotion in ARISCO, an institution for social and health promotion.

Carlos Gouveia

Carlos Gouveia holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics and is an Associate Professor (with professorship) at the Department of English, School of Arts and Humanities, University of Lisbon (UL), and a researcher at the Centre for General and Applied linguistic Studies & Institute for Theoretical and Computational Linguistics, University of Coimbra. He is Head of the Graduate Programme in Portuguese as a Foreign/Second Language at UL, has been involved in several research projects and coordinated the Portuguese team of the European Project Teacher Learning for European Literacy Education (2011- 2013).
His research areas are Systemic Functional Linguistics, Discourse Analysis and Critical Discourse Analysis, with particular emphasis on literacy studies and professional development. He has published internationally several of articles and some books.

Cosimo Schinaia

Cosimo Schinaia is a psychiatrist who had worked as Director of Mental Health Department of Central Genoa for many years. He is training and supervising psychoanalyst of SPI (Italian Psychoanalytical Society) and full member of IPA (International Psychoanalytical Association) and works in private practice in Genoa. He has published many scientific papers for Italian and international journals and books. He also published such books as: On Paedophilia, London: Karnac, 2010, Psychoanalysis and Architecture. The Inside and the Outside, London: Karnac, 2016, The Nativity of Fools. Scenes from an Old Psychiatric Hospital, Rome: Alpes, 2018 and Respect for the Environment. Psychoanalysis and Ecology, Milan: Mimesis, 2019.

Conceição Tavares de Almeida

Conceição Tavares de Almeida is a Clinical Psychologist and a Psychoanalyst, Master in Psychopathology and Psychoanalyst Full training Member of SPP and member of IPA.
She is Vice president of the SPP board; former Scientific Secretary and former President of IPSO Portugal.
She is the current link for the Cowap Portuguese Working Group and a member of the International Sándor Ferenczi Network.
She is the Advisor for Child and Youth at the National Mental Health Program of the General Directorate of Health. She was a university lecturer in private education.
She has been involved in scientific working groups, lectures, supervision and training activities and has taken part in numerous organizing committees of national and international Colloquiums, Symposiums and Congresses namely on Psychoanalysis, Addiction, Primary Care Psychology, Child Protection and Mental Health Promotion. She has published in several scientific publications on these fields of clinical research and health policy guidelines.

Cristina Saotinni

Cristina Saotinni is full member of the Italian Psychoanalytic Society (SPI) at Centro Milanese di Psicoanalisi Cesare Musatti, SPI and IPA expert in Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis, group psychotherapist and works in private practice in Milan.
She is currently the Scientific Secretary of Centro Milanese di Psicoanalisi, was for years the Italian Society liaison member for Cowap and is the co-chair for Europe.
She was consultant as psychoanalyst of the Milan Juvenile Justice Centre of the Justice National Department and is now Honorary Judge of the Juvenile Court in Milan.
She built up and coordinated the group of volunteer translators in 17 non official IPA languages, for the IPA website.

Dana Amir

Dana Amir is a clinical psychologist, supervising and training analyst at the Israel Psychoanalytic Society, faculty member and head of the interdisciplinary doctoral program in psychoanalysis at Haifa University, editor of Maarag – the Israel Annual of Psychoanalysis (the Hebrew University), poetess and literature researcher. She is the author of six poetry books and three psychoanalytic non-fiction books: Cleft Tongue (Karnac, 2014), On the Lyricism of the Mind (Routledge, 2016), and Bearing Witness to the Witness (Routledge, 2018). She is the winner of many prizes, including four international psychoanalytic awards: The Frances Tustin International Memorial Prize (2011), the IPA (International Psychoanalytic Association) Sacerdoti Prize (2013), the IPA Hayman Prize (2017) and the Distinguished Psychoanalytic Educators Award (2017) from the International Forum of Psychoanalytic Education.

Eva Reichelt

Eva Reichelt lives in Berlin and originally qualified as psychiatrist and analytically oriented psychotherapist. Today she works as psychoanalyst in her private practice and offers supervision to colleagues and institutions such as psychiatric hospital teams.
During her psychoanalytical studies in the Berlin Psychoanalytical Institute – part of the German Psychoanalytical Association – she was actively involved in IPSO and felt enriched by different international psychoanalytical perspectives. She chose COWAP in order to continue this kind of international encounters and has participated actively in COWAP conferences in Berlin in 2015 and in Tbilisi 2018. As member in two IPA committees Eva serves for the Candidates Loan Panel and for the Committee on Sexual and Gender Diversity Studies.
Her scientific interests comprise e.g. crisis intervention with refugees and migrants and psychoanalysis and gender issues.

Ester Palerm Mari

Ester Palerm Mari is a full member of the Spanish Psychoanalytic Society, member of the COWAP Committee and editor of the COWAP newsletter.

Fátima Sequeira

Fátima Sequeira is the current President of the Portuguese Nucleus of Psychoanalysis (NPP) and founding member of the NPP. She is a full member with training responsibilities at the Institute and works mainly  in private clinical practice and supervision.

João Mendes Ferreira

João Mendes Ferreira

João Mendes Ferreira is a Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist by the Portuguese Psychologists Order, a candidate of SPP and a member of the International Sándor Ferenczi Network. He has a private practice with children, adolescents and adults and also works in the educational context.
He is the author of communications and publications in national and international events, journals and books of child and adolescent psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, philosophy, literature, cinema and education. He created and coordinates the meetings Oedipus in Alexandria – conversations in the library of SPP. He is the curator of the film cycle The Feminine Inside Out, a partnership between SPP, COWAP and Medeia Filmes.

José de Abreu Afonso

José de Abreu Afonso is a psychoanalyst of SPP and IPA and, the scientific secretary of the board of SPP. His clinical activity has gone through institutional work and is currently developing in private practice. He is supervisor of psychotherapists in liberal and institutional practices. He is professor and researcher at the University Institute of Psychological Social and life Sciences where he holds the position of pedagogical coordinator of the Clinical and Health Psychology Master degree internships. He is the author of several works published in scientific journals, books and abstracts of national and international events.

Jorge Câmara

Jorge Câmara is a Psychiatrist and Associate Member of SPP, Member of IPA, EPF, International Sándor Ferenczi Network and of the Société Européenne pour la Psychanalyse de l’Enfant et de l’Adolescent. He was the President of IPSO Portugal and Vice-President of the Portuguese Psychosomatic Society.
He is a founding member of the COWAP group in Lisbon and presenter of clinical work in international meetings. He is also a co-founder of the Groupe de Recherche International – Psychanalyse en Mediterranée and of Identity and Affects, an association for clinical and gender studies.
He was a head of Department in a Hospital specialized in adolescents and addictions.
Jorge Câmara has taught seminars in Psychosis, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Narcissism and Neuropsychonalysis at SPP and at the Portuguese Society of Clinical Psychology.

Luísa Branco Vicente

Luísa Branco Vicente has a PHD in Psychiatry and Mental health from the University of Medicine in Lisbon and is a specialist of Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. She is a Full Member, Training and Supervising analyst of SPP and, a Vice-President of the Teaching Commission of the Portuguese Society of Psychoanalytical Group Psychodrama. She is a member of IPA, EPF, the Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organizations, the International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes and the Société European pour la Psychoanalyse of Children and Adolescent. She is Researcher and Coordinator of Medical, Mental Health and Psychoanalytic research projects. Some of her main subjects of study and research are: violence against women and children, sexual and gender diversity, crisis intervention with refugees and migrants, artistic approaches and, social and individual violence.

Lesley Caldwell

Lesley Caldwell is  a member of IPA, BPA,  and a corresponding member of LAISPS (Los Angeles). She works in private practice in London. She is  an Honorary Professor in the Psychoanalysis Unit at UCL, where she   supervises doctoral students. From 2010 to 2016, she ran the  Unit’s interdisciplinary programme and for eight years, with Angela Joyce, taught the Winnicott option on the Master’s programme.
With Helen Taylor Robinson she is joint General editor of the  Collected Works of Donald Winnicott ( OUP, 2016)  and, with the assistance of Luisa Boada, is responsible for the approximately 150 new additions to the online edition available free  from OUP in  Autumn, 2019. She  came to psychoanalysis in the seventies through Freud reading groups in the women’s  movement, and has maintained an interest in sexuality, gender, motherhood and families.

Maria do Carmo Sousa Lima

Maria do Carmo Sousa Lima is M.A. in Philosophy (University of Lisbon) and has a Post-graduation in Clinical Child Psychology (Catholic University of Louvain). She is a Child and adult psychoanalyst, Training and supervising member of SPP and member of FEP and IPA.
She was Head of Department of Clinical Psychology in a state hospital for 14 years. She has worked since 1984 in private practice with child and adult psychoanalysis. Donald Meltzer was her monthly supervisor of child and adult cases since 1991 in Oxford.
She has published clinical cases in Portuguese, English and German Journals, presented clinical cases of child psychoanalysis at a number of clinical meetings in Oxford, London (Tavistock Clinic), Paris, Florence, Barcelona and Lisbon, as well as a number of papers on applied psychoanalysis at both national and international meetings.
She has authored three books on poetry, and co-authored a book on psychoanalysis and art, and had her training paper published as a book.

Maria Isabel Soares

Maria Isabel Soares was born in Lisbon and graduated in Clinical Psychologist by the University of Lisbon. She has been the Executive and Pedagogical Director of “Colégio Moderno” since 1985.

Maria Teresa Flores

Maria Teresa Flores is a Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst, Full Member and Training Analyst of the Portuguese Nucleus of Psychoanalysis (NPP – IPA Study Group). She is the former President and Current Treasurer of the NPP. She is the founding member of COWAP Portugal at SPP and former European Co-Chair of COWAP for IPA. She is a member of the Société Européene pour la Psychanalyse de l’Enfant et de l’Adolescent and works in Lisbon in private practice with children and adults.

Mona Chahoury Charabaty

Mona Chahoury Charabaty is a psychoanalyst and a member of IPA. She is a founding member, training analyst and current President of the Lebanese Association for the Development of Psychoanalysis. Mona teaches on the master’s degree course at the Université Saint-Joseph in Beirut, where she conducts seminars about borderline pathologies, interpretation and courants psychanalytiques.

Nuno Carinhas

Nuno Carinhas was until recently the Artistic Director of the São João National Theater (TSNJ). The Theatre hosted his staging of Calderón de la Barca’s The Great Theatre of the World. The use of classic and contemporary dramatic repertoire is one of the distinctive features of his work as a stage creator: Sophocles, Corneille, Brecht, Beckett, Pirandello, Chekhov, Cocteau or Brian Friel, among many others.
He has also developed, over the years, several experimental projects, especially with the Cão Solteiro company, productions. He has actively collaborated with several independent companies, taking part in the artistic definition of various theatrical projects, namely in Oporto (such as ASSéDIO and Ensemble – Sociedade de Actores). As a set and costume designer, he worked with some of the most important Portuguese stage directors and his name is historically connected to the artistic movement known as New Portuguese Dance, since he worked closely with such choreographers as Olga Roriz, Paulo Ribeiro or Paula Massano. He studied at the Lisbon Fine Arts School and made several exhibitions of his work. Recently, he has also worked with Casa da Música in an opera staging: Winter Journey, Hans Zender’s reinterpretation of Schubert’s song cycle, which was acclaimed as that institution’s “show of the year”. He also directed a short film (Retrato em Fuga, 2000), which received a prize at a Buenos Aires film festival; wrote an acting script (Uma Casa Contra o Mundo, 2001) and worked as an actor, namely in films by Manoel de Oliveira (Francisca and Le Soulier de Satin).

Orlando von Doellinger

Orlando von Doellinger is a Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst, and a Doctorate in Psychological Research and Psychoanalyst.
He is a Full Member, with didactic functions at SPP, and the Chairman of the Board of the Oporto Psychoanalytic Training and Therapeutic Institute (Oporto Psychoanalysis Institute).

Piedade Lalanda

Piedade Lalanda is PhD in Social Sciences, specialized in Sociology, from the Institute of Social Sciences, Univeristy of Lisbon and holds a degree in Ethnology from the Université Paul Valery – Montpellier – France. Since 1984 she has been a teacher at the School of Health, University of the Azores, and from 2004 a Coordinating Professor. She is currently President of the School Council (2019-2021) and member of The Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Center of University of Azores since 2007. Between 2001 and 2014, she held political offices in the municipality, regional parliament and government. Her research and publishing interests are family, gender and identity issues and has a regular collaboration with the newspaper Açoriano Oriental.

Raquel Cavaleiro Ferreira

Raquel Cavaleiro Ferreira is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst of children, adolescents and adults; she is a full member and training analyst of Portuguese Nucleus of Psychoanalysis-IPA Study Group. She is founding member and training psychodramatist of the Portuguese Society of Psychoanalytic Group Psycodrama and Member of Société Européenne pour la Psychanalyse de l’Enfant et de l’Adolescent. After working for a number of years in a unit specialized in adolescent disorders in Lisbon she now works in her private practice, and has a strong interest in women, gender and maternity issues.

Rosine Jozef Perelberg

Rosine Jozef Perelberg is a Fellow, Training Analyst and President of the British Psychoanalytic Society, Visiting Professor in the Psychoanalysis Unit at University College London and Corresponding Member of the Paris Psychoanalytical Society. Previously she did a PhD in Social Anthropology at the London School of Economics. She has written and edited 12 books, which include Psychoanalytic Understanding of Violence and Suicide; Freud: A Modern Reader; Dreaming and Thinking; The Greening of Psychoanalysis (with Gregorio Kohon) and Psychic Bisexuality: A British- French Dialogue. She is the author of Time, Space and Phantasy; Murdered Father, Dead Father: Revisiting the Oedipus Complex and Sexuality and Excess and Representation, just out, all published by Routledge and the New Library of Psychoanalysis.
She works in London in private practice.

Rui Aragão Oliveira

Rui Aragão Oliveira is Training and Supervising analyst at SPP and has a PhD in clinical Psychology. He is the President of SPP, Chief editor of the Portuguese Psychoanalytical Review, and former IPA editor of the ejournal He was a university lecturer in public and private education and currently devotes his time to psychoanalytic praxis, research and teaching of the theory and technique of psychoanalysis.

Sabrina Marques

Sabrina Marques is a programmer and a visual artist, born in Paris in 1988. She graduated in communication sciences from Nova Lisbon University, specialized in Cinema in the Lisbon Theatre and Film School and is doing a Doctoral program in History of  Art (FCSH, 2016), on the connection between Photography and Memory in the Portuguese Colonial War. In her play Treva (2018) she investigates the connection between feminine and mental health, a taboo and a topic of her reflection. In her artistic expression she uses video, photography, performance, text and drawing.

Teresa Abreu

Teresa Abreu is a Clinical Psychologist specialized in clinical psychology and in psychotherapy by OPP. She is a candidate of SPP and a member of International Sándor Ferenczi Network. She works in private practice in Lisbon, is the co-founder of the Free Association, an association for continuous learning and of psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis and the scientific coordinator of the magazines “Our Pregnancy” and “Our Baby”.